Josh, for some reason, refuses to use shopping carts.

I like his selection though…party at Josh’s? I’m in. Hahaha :)

For anon

 Anonymous asked: "A few days ago, there was a picture of Josh, shirtless, with blue hair. I think he was at the beach. There was water in the background. It's on faceinhole but I was wondering if you had the original?"

I have it. It’s kinda small though. 

Hold on, I’ll upload it for you.

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Josh Ramsay. Journey’s Backyard BBQ Tour June 2nd 2012

For a guy that never finished high school, Josh Ramsay has an outstanding vocabulary 


“Education doesn’t imply actual intelligence. It’s not like I find myself saying “if only I had calculus 12 right now!” I’ve also never heard myself say, “I could write this song a lot better if only I could accurately use a protractor.” I’m not saying that education isn’t important. It truly is. I’m saying that it doesn’t determine one’s intelligence.”

-Josh Ramsay


I actually love this a lot